JCJC online chinese (simplified) grammar checker

JCJC online chinese (simplified) grammar checker

The ZiGen Technology Company is a solution provider specializing in Chinese (simplified) grammar checker.

There are two types of Chinese sentence errors.

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The company's product "JCJC Artificial Intelligence Chinese (simplified) Grammar Checker" has a built-in lexicon of nearly 18 million words, with nearly 80 billion words of Chinese corpus analysis results. (statistics up to October 2018)

JCJC chinese (simplified) grammar checker is based on cloud service architecture. The core engine is written based on C++. It has all intellectual property rights and has obtained software copyright certificate. Software can run in all kinds of public cloud, private cloud, Docker and other environments.

We provide a JSON-based interface based on HTTP protocol, which can seamlessly connect with all kinds of acquisition and editing systems, office OA systems and mail systems.

Since its launch, the products have signed contracts: Huawei, Insupr, Changsha Evening News, KaiPu Cloud, Yunshang Guizhou and many other large enterprises and listed companies. The product quality is stable and reliable.